We Are Family: Hey, Soul Sister

CHG is sometimes referred to as a “big, happy family.” For some employees, however, that phrase rings very true — they work each day with their family, whether it be a spouse, sibling, son, daughter, mother or father. Get to know our real-life CHG families in this series of weekly stories, We Are Family!

We Are Family: Hey, Soul Sister

Sisters Jayne Crosby and Tina Hender are lucky enough to see each other five days a week: They both work on the CHG accounts receivable team in the Salt Lake City office.

“I love being able to see my sister’s pretty face on a daily basis and be more involved in her life,” Jayne says. “Before, months would go by without me seeing her because we live pretty far away from each other and it is difficult to plan a get-together.”

Tina and Jayne 1.jpg

Tina, left, and Jayne pose for a picture on a stairwell overlooking the Salt Lake valley.

Tina, lead A/R billing specialist, says Jayne referred her to CHG five years ago. She notes that she has enjoyed an amazing experience at the company since then.

“Working here has given me the opportunity to learn about what working for a great company really means,” Tina shares. “It is such a change after having worked in the youth corrections field for many years prior. I am grateful to CHG for giving me a chance to change my profession and learn so many new things!”

Jayne, a credit analyst who has worked at CHG for seven years, says she appreciates the Putting People First culture and great benefits at the company. She also likes having Tina on the A/R team, especially during get-to-know-you meetings.

“[Tina and I] obviously have many of the same stories and experiences from growing up, so when we’re asked to submit something about ourselves for the rest of the team to guess who it is, it’s fun to hear their responses and see them try to decide which of us submitted it,” Jayne expresses.

For Tina, having Jayne nearby so they can talk shop together is also a benefit.

“Knowing I have someone close to me that understands what I’m feeling and thinking in so many ways has been a bonus in my daily activities,” Tina expresses.

When they’re not hard at work on the A/R team or taking care of their families at home, Jayne and Tina enjoy taking breaks and simply spending time together.

“My sister has so many wonderful qualities,” Tina shares. “Having the opportunity to get to know her in a working environment has been amazing. Working together has definitely strengthened our relationship.”

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