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My CHG Story: Julie Sibthorp

In this series, My CHG Story, we highlight employees and their unique experiences at CHG.

Julie Sibthorp has worked as a corporate meeting planner at CHG in Salt Lake City for more than four years and enjoys how much her work varies from day to day.

“I assist with the planning of meetings and employee events taking place in all seven CHG offices. No day or event is ever the same,” Julie says. “Some days I think that it would be nice to have duplicate events or consistency in my workday at CHG, but I quickly think again and conclude that I would just be bored! I also love my team and the people I work with every day. We laugh hard and work hard.”

Recently, Julie shared the following CHG story:

Every day when I walk into CHG, it reminds me of the old TV show Cheers‚Äì “where everybody knows your name.” At CHG, I am greeted daily by my name when I meet CHG leaders. The CHG leadership team takes the time to get to know their employees and what is important to them. They know my three young children are important to me, and they empower me and give me flexibility in my day to spend time volunteering at my children’s schools.

They also know that being able to leave the office and pick up my kids every day from school is important to me. I actually had a CHG leader say to me, “We are worried you might be heading down the path to burn-out, and we don’t want to do that. Let me know how I can help.”

One leader saw me here after 3 p.m. and asked why I was still here and told me that I needed to stop what I was doing and go pick up my kids from school. The bottom line is that the CHG leadership team cares.

At many corporations with 1,000+ employees, I could easily be an employee number. At CHG I am Julie, mom of Lily, Ava and Mia — and for that reason, I will be a loyal employee and cheerleader of CHG Healthcare Services.

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