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My CHG Story: Elise Gibby

In this series, My CHG Story, we highlight employees and their unique experiences at CHG.

Elise Gibby has worked at CHG for eight years and is currently the director of the accounts payable team — though she will be moving back to her roots on the accounts receivable team as director Oct. 1.

“We’ve made a lot of progress over the past couple years on our travel expense processing, and I’m excited that we are currently working on some more improvements to make the accounting piece more efficient and accurate,” Elise shares. “With our expected growth, we need to continue to find process improvements.”

Elise says she likes the challenges CHG offers her, including the opportunity to learn new things and grow both personally and professionally. Her favorite part of her job, however, is the people she works with.

“Everyone is so dedicated to doing a good job and doing it with a smile on their face,” Elise expresses. “I’ve really gained an appreciation for what culture can do for your work and personal life, so I love that I work with fun professionals.”


Read Elise’s experience with work/life balance at CHG below!

Over the years, the thing I have most appreciated about working for CHG Healthcare Services is the flexibility they offer their employees on meeting the demands of work and personal life. When I first started, I was finishing up my college degree. I was allowed the flexible hours I needed to attend my classes. I was also granted a four-month personal leave to participate in an internship in my congressman’s office in Washington, D.C.

After graduation, although I no longer needed to work around school, I was allowed to work various schedules as my personal life demanded: Nine-hour days with every other Friday off, four nine-hour days with one half-day, etc.

Even with all these great examples, CHG’s flexibility had the biggest impact on my life last year when I had my first child. I was allowed to work one day from home for several months and then eventually cut back my hours so I had one day at home without work. It’s meant the world to me and my family. CHG is an amazing company that encourages its leaders to truly Put People First. It’s more than just a motto!


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