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Milestones: Rachelle Graven leads others to find purpose in their work

IMG_3638.JPG“It’s more than just a job,” explains CompHealth‘s Rachelle Graven. “I’ve been able to tap into the noble purpose of what we do — providing healthcare for people — and it makes coming to work so much easier to see it as a service.”

Rachelle joined our CompHealth locum tenens division 20 years ago as a licensing coordinator. Since then, she’s filled multiple roles and affected the lives of countless individuals, including co-workers, providers and even people she’s never met.

“People deserve high-quality healthcare,” Rachelle says. “And if I have anything to do with helping them get that care, I know I am providing a service to the world.”

Investing in people

Building relationships is key and one of Rachelle’s greatest strengths. “She takes the time to get to know people,” describes Melanie McSweeney, a physician representative with CompHealth. “She understands what makes them who they are and how to best work with them.”

Helping others find their why

Today, as manager of sales coaching and development, Rachelle helps others find purpose in what they do. “You have to find your why,” she explains. “When you’re motivated from within, it makes coming to work easy.”

Rachelle’s leaders praise her ability to help others achieve their goals.

“She can easily step into the shoes of her people and help them become successful recruiters,” observes CompHealth president Melissa Byington. “With so many years of experience, she helps others navigate challenges easily and ramp up quickly.”

CompHealth senior director David Finch, who worked with Rachelle when she was a recruiter, describes her as both caring and tough. “She has a great ability to motivate others to make hard but necessary changes,” he says.

Melissa agrees, emphasizing how Rachelle’s candor strengthens her relationships with others. “She is someone who breeds a tremendous amount of trust,” she concludes. “Her impact on this division and on the lives of so many is immeasurable.”

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Liz Van Halsema is a communications specialist at CHG Healthcare. When she’s not writing about CHG’s culture and news, she can be found running one of Utah’s many trails.

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