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Milestones: Patsy Hoard celebrates a career of connection and camaraderie

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For the past decade Patsy Hoard has nurtured deep relationships with not only her Salt Lake City-based CompHealth teammates but the many physicians who’ve had the pleasure of working with her. Now after a successful career highlighted by good memories and career-long bonds with physicians, Patsy looks toward a new chapter in life — retirement.

Appreciating the change

Patsy looks back on her 10-plus years as a physician representative for CompHealth with positivity and an appreciation for change. “It’s been a good place to work,” she shares. “I’ve seen a lot of growth in the people around me.”

But it’s perhaps the growth in the relationships with the physicians Patsy recruited over the years that leaves the biggest impression on those around her.

Leaving behind a legacy

“Patsy always worked hard to create long-term, consistent, positive relationships with many, many physicians,” says Dave Cerar, a client representative who has worked with her for the past eight-plus years. “They knew her voice, and many of them trusted her advice and counsel. We will surely miss her in many ways, and we are much better for having known her.”

Annalee Rowley, Patsy’s leader for the past four years, agrees. “The personal relationships Patsy has developed with her providers — to the point where they call each other by their first names, as well as the many words of love and praise from her providers — have made her a truly great ambassador for CompHealth,” she says.

Making a positive difference for her physicians is just part of who Patsy is. In the words of one of her doctors, “Patsy is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. She’s friendly and professional, knowledgeable and helpful. She’s always there when I need her and is always friendly and understanding.”

Starting a new chapter

Although these many moments of praise and gratitude will stay with Patsy as she wraps up her CompHealth career in July 2016, she sets her sights on other endeavors such as oil painting, furniture restoration and more.

And while she says retiring “feels like I’m leaving family,” the spunky wife and grandmother of 15 is looking forward to spending more time with her family and husband, Jay. “He’s a big part of my life,” Patsy shares.

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