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Mike Sizemore: From temp to 20-year veteran

Mike Sizemore
Mike Sizemore, IT senior manager

It was supposed to be a temporary job, working as a payroll clerk for our CompHealth allied division. That was 20 years ago. Mike Sizemore leveraged his temp work into a full-time job trading his love of numbers for his love of computers. Mike is a senior manager of IT support services in our Fort Lauderdale office. In those 20 years, his career has grown from working on the help desk team to overseeing a team of six people and handling IT needs in Fort Lauderdale and North Carolina.

Mike also spent a year working at CHG headquarters in Salt Lake City. He helped transition the company-wide email system from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook. He returned to Fort Lauderdale when he got the opportunity to take a management role. Since then, besides meeting the day-to-day IT needs, he’s prepared for and cleaned up after hurricanes, and, most recently, moved more than 700 employees from their company offices to work from home in just one week’s time. “There have definitely been a lot of long nights,” Mike admits with a laugh.

When he’s not working, Mike enjoys traveling. He spent three years living in Germany when his father was in the military and he can’t wait to visit Europe again. If those travels left him stranded on a deserted island? “I’d have to have my wife, my Nintendo, and Internet access.”

What does the future hold for Mike? “You never stop learning,” Mike says. “That’s the nature of IT and leadership.” He says it’s also the heart of CHG’s core values of Continuous Improvement and Growth. “The most rewarding part of my job is watching my people grow,” he says, “being able to be there for them, especially now, and trying to be a positive support for them.”

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