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Keeping the magic alive: CHG’s Disney divas

Everything about Disney oozes “magical.” For those of us who’ve never been, there’s usually a nagging feeling we’re missing out. Even if you’ve already visited one of the many Disney-themed parks, that feeling doesn’t dissipate. In fact, it may make you feel that draw even more acutely.

For Marian Spencer, senior marketing coordinator in our Salt Lake City office, her passion for Disney began with watching their movies as a child: she and her siblings wore out their Disney movie VHS tapes. And this passion for Disney wasn’t what some parents would call a “phase.” Her love of all things Disney began at age five, and she never grew out of it.

“My first memory of Disney was walking through Fantasyland and searching desperately for Disney characters,” Marian recalls, “I was so excited to meet one. Then I went on the Peter Pan ride; that was my favorite part of the day.”

Associate recruiter coordinator Lauren Cromartie, who works at our RNnetwork division in Boca Raton, took her first-ever steps in the Epcot center in Walt Disney World — a place that still holds special meaning to her.

“I think I like Epcot because it’s the most untouched as far as parks are concerned,” she says. “They haven’t made too many changes, and that’s why I think I gravitate toward it.”

Special moments at Disney

If we were to ask Marian and Lauren to pin down some of their most memorable Disney moments, the answers come easily. Marian had several:

Marian at Disneyland

“It’s hard to narrow it down, but a couple of them were when my sister and I dressed up as Mr. Smee and Captain Hook for our last trip,” she shares. “I also got to play musical chairs with Alice and the Mad Hatter, and I got to go to Hong Kong Disneyland for my 16th birthday, where I got a picture with Aurora. It was one of the most magical days of my life!”

Lauren’s most memorable? “My husband asked me to marry him in Magic Kingdom on Walt Disney’s birthday.”

Being the office go-to person

Marian doesn’t mind being the Disney expert in CHG’s marketing department; she wants to make sure those she helps have the most magical time at Disney.

“People mostly ask for advice on when and how to best experience Disneyland. For the record, I recommend going during the early spring and making the most of Fast Passes! If you plan your trip well, you can avoid much of the frustrations people face.”

Lauren, who used to be a Disney travel agent, also has no problem being her office’s Disney go-to. First tip?

“Don’t go there thinking you’re going to do everything and don’t go expecting your trip to be perfect,” she recommends. “People ask what they should do, where they should stay. The hotel is a big one since that could make or break your experience. I tell them to go to the Beach Club. It’s my favorite.”

Free to be me at CHG

“I feel like CHG encourages individuality,” Marian shares. “This is a workplace in which I can express myself freely. As a result, I’ve totally covered my desk in Disney paraphernalia — a daily reminder of some of my fondest memories!”

Not only that, but Marian feels that CHG actually encourages her to take time for herself, and, in turn, she’s sure to keep on top of her work so she can take off on her Disney adventures without feeling like she’s leaving her team in the lurch.

Ditto for Lauren: “I just love where I work, I love what I do. I don’t feel like I’m working; it feels like I’m hanging out with my friends at work.”

The magic of Disney will never subside

Lauren’s lifelong love of Disney is captured in her Instagram account, @thatdisneygirlie, where she shares pictures and stories about her adventures there. She’s also met many good friends. Marian also plans to have an Instagram account centering around Disneyland food.

Even though our Disney Duo has been to Disney parks regularly their whole lives, they both feel there are so many more memories to be made.

“I want to visit the City of Zootopia in Shanghai Disneyland,” Marian says. “I also would like to spend a night in the hotel suite found in Cinderella’s castle, and revisit the Disneyland of my childhood: Hong Kong Disneyland!”

Lauren intends on continuing her one solo trip every year, where she likes to take pictures and just walk around, spending an entire day enjoying the things that people normally don’t see or pay attention to.

“You can’t help but be happy when you’re in Disney,” Lauren says.

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