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Mascots for Miracles are playing for smiles

Mascots for miracles

“It’s not just another day playing golf,” Kendi Milton says. “It’s truly so much more.”

Kendi is a placing manager with our CompHealth division. As a fulltime mom and team leader, she’s got her hands full. But that doesn’t stop her from spending her off-hours organizing a charity golf tourney that raised more than $10,000 this year.

Mascots for Miracles organizers Kendi Milton
Kendi Milton involves the whole family serving children with special needs.

For the past three years, Kendi and her husband, Chad, have used the golf tournament as a way to help the Mascot Miracles Foundation. The organization is comprised of mascots from Utah universities and sports teams. They host events for children and their families who are struggling with life-threatening illnesses, disabilities, or developmental issues. Some of the fun has included nights at the aquarium, stick horse rodeos, Polar Express rides with Santa, special birthday celebrations, and other one-on-one events. Each event is designed to let children and their families momentarily forget their struggles by tailoring events specifically suited for their abilities. Since 2013, the group has served more than 1,000 Utah area children.

With this year’s pandemic, Kendi admits she was worried whether she could help Mascots for Miracles play for smiles. She wondered if the tourney could entice players and sponsors. “In the end, we were extremely thankful to be one of the foundation’s events that did not have to cancel,” Kendi says.

Mascots for Miracles
This year’s competition drew 120 participants.

More than 120 players and sponsors ended up participating. Each player received a customized tag with the name of the child they were playing for and information about that child.

“I played for Simon and every time I would tee-off, he would be at the top of my mind. Everyone remembered who they were playing for and that alone separates the event from others.” Kendi says it takes almost a full year to organize the event, but helping Mascots for Miracles play for smiles is worth the effort. “We were able to effectively plan, remain COVID friendly, and create tournament play that was fun and energetic while enjoying golf and giving back.”

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