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Josh Keiser: Taking his career to new heights

Josh and his wife

Josh Keiser first came to CHG seven years ago as a member of the help desk team and has since transitioned to a systems engineer role in the software development and operations team. Part of his day-to-day responsibilities includes managing the company’s Windows infrastructure and making sure all CHG employees have the tools they need to do their jobs successfully. From being able to login in the morning to sending essential emails to providers, Josh is the man behind the scenes making sure we can work as efficiently as possible.

“I think the technology side of things is really fun,” he reflects on his position. “Coming into a problem that I may or may not be able to solve and working through it trying to figure out how to solve it.”

Even though his job has its share of challenges (like troubleshooting power and internet issues in the middle of the night), Josh can depend on a cooperative team to get through any problem.

“Everyone pulls their own weight,” he says, “we all get along, and we all have the same sense of humor, same work ethic. We have a really awesome team.”

Josh lets his personality shine by sharing his current hobbies with teammates and finding people at work who can relate to his interests. He is a real renaissance man, whether he’s dabbling in photography, making repairs on his Honda Interceptor 800 motorcycle, or pursuing aviation.

Helping our employees’ passions take off

At an early age, Josh has had his sights set on the aviation industry.

“My grandparents took me to a museum,” he remembers. “I walked in and saw this big SR71 Blackbird — the fastest, highest flying jet out there. Since I was eight years old, I always wanted to fly.”

Josh has his private pilot’s license for helicopters and airplanes and is looking forward to getting his commercial rating and flight instructor rating. He says he’d enjoy flying private jets, managing planes, or even building an aircraft of his own someday.

While Josh ensures we are able to do what we need with the technology we have, the company culture helps Josh live his passions outside of the office. With flexible schedules, the ability to work remotely, and a supportive manager, he is able to achieve his professional goals and aviation education. When he needs to cram for a test or get in flying hours, he can rely on CHG’s investment in his work/life balance.

“I can fly early in the morning and come in late, or I can come in early and leave early and go fly after that,” Josh says.

Josh is an excellent example of living our core value of Continuous Improvement in and out of the office. At work and in life, we encourage our people always to aim a little higher. For Josh, the sky is the limit!

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