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Amy Little: Jumping in and helping out at LocumsMart

When asked what her title was, Amy Little laughs and says, “Just a second. Let me check what it says on my email signature.” Unassuming and good natured, Amy’s official title is director of online assignment workflow for LocumsMart — part of the CHG Healthcare family of brands. If you ask her what her job is, she’ll answer without a moment’s hesitation. “Helping and educating. My core personality is service.”

Joining the team

Amy Little and family
Amy Little and her family

Amy joined LocumsMart about a year ago after more than 13 years in advertising sales. She met Keitha Ray, LocumsMart’s vice president of national sales, at a convention. As they talked, Keitha knew she wanted to bring Amy on board. Six months later, Amy was part of the LocumsMart team.

“I direct the support team,” she explains. From the moment an assignment is requested until it’s completed, Amy and her team make sure the right people are in the right place at the right time. They coordinate the paperwork and communicate with providers and clients.

LocumsMart is a tech platform that works between vendors and healthcare facilities. “Healthcare facilities put their jobs on LocumsMart and then they are pushed out to vendors like CHG. Vendors can bid on the jobs,” Amy explains.

It’s a one-stop shop where managers can see qualifications, costs, and CVs, all bundled in each bid. Facility managers can compare all the bids side by side and decide which providers and vendors they want to follow up with.

Amy Little and her family with their Newfoundland retriever Rutter

CHG acquired LocumsMart earlier this year. Amy admits she was nervous when she learned LocumsMart would become part of the CHG family. A few months after the merger, Amy says she can see why the partnership with CHG is a good one. Both companies have the same commitment to family and putting people first.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt more satisfied with any other company I’ve worked for,” Amy says. Helping people is what she likes most. “Whether it’s a vendor or someone from a hospital, I get to help them work through the process and hopefully see LocumsMart as easy to use,” she says.

Teaching a giant dog new tricks

Amy Little and her husband like to teach water rescue

When she’s not smoothing the way for clients and providers, Amy enjoys helping her husband and son teach Rutter, their Newfoundland retriever, water rescue skills. With webbed paws and extra lung capacity, “Newfies” were originally bred to work on boats. Competitive rescue training includes teaching the giant dogs to recognize whether a person in the water is conscious and then pulling the victim to safety.

“We train them for fun,” Amy says. “They have to take a line out, pull someone in, or get a life jacket. We reenact situations that might happen in real life.”

Jumping in and helping out is what Amy is all about — regardless of what it says on her signature line.

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