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Free to be me: The fashionistas of CHG

Whether it’s in the office or in their personal life, we love celebrating our people and their passions. One of the ways we do this is with our relaxed dress code… if you can call no dress code “a dress code.”

With the freedom to express themselves, we have quite a few fashion influencers at CHG that show off their style in the office and online.

Erin Cannon

Erin rocking her favorite Club Monaco jacket and Louis Vuitton duffel

Erin Cannon, an assistant brand manager with our marketing team, has loved fashion ever since she was little. For the last five years, Erin has shared her passion for style online through her blog and Instagram (@TheFashionCanvas). She says that working in a separate industry allows her to look at her job from a different perspective and come up with new ways to influence markets for CHG.

Erin can balance her work and build her online brand because CHG allows her to express herself day to day.

 “I take pride coming to work every day and having others engage in my passions and support me in something I do outside of work,” Erin says. “It feels great to have people I work with be interested in my life past the 9-5. I love working in a place where we can be ourselves and not be restricted in how we portray ourselves — at CHG everyone can have a unique style and charisma.”

Alyssa Tatesure

Alyssa matching with her daughter in a casual tee and shorts

Alyssa Tatesure, assignment coordinator (which she describes as a liaison between departments) at our Weatherby Healthcare division, has been with CHG for four years. Her passion to share her style on Instagram (@alyssatatesure) and her blog really took flight after having her daughter and experiencing joy when coordinating their daily outfits.

“I really wanted to create a space for moms to find good deals, balance motherhood, and still look cute doing it,” she says.

For Alyssa it is all about being comfortable and cute. “When it comes to work I love being able to express myself. I can come in a pair of joggers one day and dolled up the next without anyone batting an eye.”

Alex Katich

Alex wearing a third of his closet in this photo

Over in CHG’s talent acquisition team we have Alex Katich who follows more of a minimalist approach to his Instagram (@AlexKatich). It began by acting as his wife’s test-shot model. She works full time as a fashion influencer and with great photos from her test shots the account kind of built itself. When Alex says he is a minimalist he means it. With seven T-shirts, three pairs of raw denim jeans and four pairs of shoes filling their studio apartment closet, he only wears what makes him feel most confident and like he can put his best (snakeskin) boot forward.

Alex shares that “with raw denim, it has never been washed or stretched for wear. This makes it that through your lifestyle it will wear out in places that are unique to you and your lifestyle. It kind of tells your story through its wear.”

Alex says that getting a job at CHG allowed him to finally afford the things he had always wanted to buy. “If you work at CHG you can afford to throw out clothes that don’t fit your vibe and buy favorites that do,” he shares.

Kristen Lohman

Kristen with Nina Garcia from Project Runway

At our RNnetwork division, we have Kristen Lohman who previously worked as a full-time stylist for Ralph Lauren and a celebrity stylist before working as our national account executive. When she and her husband moved to Florida there wasn’t as much opportunity for Kristen in styling, so she made a career change and began working for CHG.  Kristen still fuels her passion every morning when she styles her OOTD (outfit of the day) before coming to work.

“What is so great about CHG is that we are able to dress and look the way we want. You’re accepted for being yourself.”

Interested in working for a company that lets you express yourself and pursue your interests? Then check out our open jobs today.

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Kayla Edwards is a communications coordinator who loves CHG Healthcare’s passion for making a difference in the lives of others. When she isn’t busy finding new stories to share, you can find her curled up with her dog and a good fantasy fiction book or rock climbing with friends.

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