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For 20 years, Kristian Wang makes healthcare possible for America’s neediest

Every day, our people find doctors and other healthcare providers to deliver care in some of the most underserved communities in the country. For 20 years, Kristian Wang, a contract administrator for the corporate business development team in Salt Lake City, has been an integral part of this process.

Making a difference

Until a few months ago, Kristian worked as a contract administrator for our CompHealth locum tenens government team, which works with government agencies such as Department of Defense hospitals, Indian Healthcare Services and university hospitals. Day-to-day, he coordinated contracts and other logistics associated with placing physicians in these high-need settings.

“For many of the people who use these kinds of services having healthcare at all is a blessing,” Kristian explains. “It has always been very rewarding to help provide that to them.”

New responsibilities

This fall, Kristian transitioned to a new role on the corporate business development team. Although his specific responsibilities have changed, he still makes a difference by helping CHG place healthcare providers where they’re needed most.

“Because Kristian is so good at his job, we are able to place doctors in jobs where they can help others,” explains Jackie Smith, quality management director, who served as Kristian’s leader for 14 years.

A growing company

Over the past two decades, Kristian has seen CHG grow from 250 people to more than 2,000.

“It has been incredible to watch,” Kristian says. “This kind of growth is a result of a commitment by CHG and its people to making a difference.”

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