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First Impressions: Kaitlyn Lowden

Kaitlyn Lowden_resized_2.jpgKaitlyn Lowden started working at CHG Healthcare Services six months ago as an occupational therapy recruiter. She loves how supportive her teammates are, and she says her team and CHG as a whole always follow their core values and put people first.

What do you do at CHG, and what do you like about your job?

I am an occupational therapy recruiter with CompHealth. What I love most about my job is working with the providers. I love talking to them every day, and knowing that I could possibly change their lives with a new opportunity.

When did you join CHG?

I joined CHG back in November of 2015‚Ķit’s about six months this week.

How did you hear about CHG?

I was a referral from one of our provider representatives, Britt Campbell from speech pathology. She’s a family friend. She said CHG is such a great place to work for and that’s why she’s continued to be here for over twenty years. Before CHG, I was working as a physician recruiting specialist at a hospital here in Grand Rapids. Britt told me that CHG has recruiting, that it would be an opportunity to increase my skills, and that CHG was a great culture to work for. So I said, “Why not?” And so far I have absolutely loved it.

Can you tell me about your first day with CHG?

I remember walking in and I was super nervous to meet everybody, but everybody came up to me and introduced themselves, and welcomed me with open arms. With all the information about my new job coming in, it was a little overwhelming, but everybody was willing to answer the questions I had. It was a great atmosphere to be a part of.

What has been your most memorable moment at CHG so far?

I had been at CHG for about three months when I booked my first recruit. Everyone on my team was so excited for me! The whole office threw a celebration party, which included a cake from our president. We all went into our conference room and everybody got to celebrate together. It’s a really good feeling knowing that everybody appreciates everything you do at this company and it gets recognized. It’s just a great place to work.

Which of CHG’s core values means the most to you and why?

I think the one that stands out to me the most is “Putting People First.” I remember when I was applying online for the position, it was one of the first things I saw on CHG’s website, and CHG has stuck to its word 100 percent. Everything that we do is about putting people first: putting our providers first, and putting our team first.

Can you think of a specific time that you saw Putting People First in action?

Every Tuesday and Friday, we have a meeting in which we talk about moments where someone really went out of their way to do something for someone else or something that really helped our business move along. One example that stands out is when my coworker, Katie Rosenberger, had a provider who was having a really rough week. Her provider was overwhelmed, so Katie sent her a massage care package so she could get away on the weekend and do something for herself. It just showed her provider that CHG is here for her, she’s not on her own. It really shows how much we care about Putting People First.

Do you have any advice for new or potential CHG employees?

Never be afraid to ask questions. I think it’s so important. I know in the beginning I had so many questions, and I didn’t want to be the person overwhelming everybody with questions, but everybody’s always willing to help. Everybody wants you to be successful, so don’t ever be afraid to ask questions.

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