CHG employees help save colleague’s husband

Life is ever-changing and you never know what curve ball may come your way. You can’t prepare for it, but you can lessen the blow if you have a good support system to help see you through it. CHG engineering admin Melissa Horan has experienced multiple big moments in her time at CHG — the birth of both of her children and, most recently, her husband’s brain tumor diagnosis.

In 2020, at the height of the COVID pandemic, Melissa’s husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctor informed them they needed to get it removed quickly. Then another curve ball hit them right in the face — a large storm closed doctors’ offices in the region, and they couldn’t get in for surgery. That's when Melissa’s CHG family jumped in to help ensure her husband could get the immediate care he needed. Watch the video above to hear Melissa tell their story.

Melissa appreciates everyone at CHG who had a hand in her husband’s recovery and her leaders who supported her during this difficult time.

“They treat us like family and we take care of each other at CHG,” Melissa says.    

Her husband is home and doing well. “He retired early and gets to bring me coffee all day long,” says Melissa.

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Ashley Miller is a senior communications specialist who enjoys building relationships with all of CHG Healthcare’s unique employees. As a former television journalist, storytelling comes naturally to Ashley. She’s always looking for a new way to highlight our people and their contributions to our company, clients, providers, and communities.

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