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Our people are growing decades-long careers at CHG Healthcare

Does anyone really work the same place for decades these days? At CHG Healthcare, the answer is yes! This month two of our people are celebrating 30 years with us. Here’s how they got started and why they decided to build their careers at CHG.

Debbie Schmutz

Debbie Schmutz

“Back then, there was no such thing as Indeed or LinkedIn,” Debbie Schmutz says.

She found her job at CHG through a newspaper want ad. When she started her career, Debbie was hired as an LAN analyst. “I went around to the outside offices and installed computers,” she explains. “I held training sessions and made sure the computers were working properly on the network.”

Today, Debbie’s a software engineer.

Darlene Stillman

Darlene Stillman

In 1991, Darlene Stillman heard about a part-time opening for a licensing assistant. She called about the job and met with the team responsible for recruiting radiologists. She got the job the same day. Today, Darlene’s a senior medical staff coordinator with CompHealth, a physician staffing division of CHG.

Both women agree their favorite part of working at CHG is their colleagues.

Darlene shares, “The memory that touches my heart most is how my co-workers offered help and donate paid time off so I could stay home with my husband while he was dying from brain cancer.”

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That kindness gave her time to not only care for her husband but also take some time after his death to address her own mental health needs before she returned to the office.

Debbie says, “CHG has always been great with work/life balance, even before that was a thing.”

Both women say the key to growing your career at CHG is to embrace change. Debbie notes, “Always be willing to learn.”

Darlene adds, “Do what you like to do and follow your gut feelings.”

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