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An employee’s perspective: What working at CHG is really like

Travis Green

“I came from a company that was the opposite of CHG in about every way possible,” Travis Green says with a chuckle. He’s smiling now, but those were not happy times for the CHG Healthcare business systems analyst.

“I have memories of not feeling cared about and not having a happy work environment,” Travis explains. “CHG has an emphasis on making people feel valued and celebrating their wins. We celebrate their differences, not hide them.”

Travis admits he was suspicious when he came to work at CHG almost five years ago. In new hire training, he noticed everyone was happy. He chalked it up to the company just trying to “seal the deal.” Months went by and people were still happy and friendly, treating each other with respect.

Travis recalls, “I decided if this is the way it really is, I need to be contributing to this, not just be a recipient.”

So that’s exactly what he did. If a team member was recognized in some way, he made sure they got a shout out and that the whole team was aware. He put together potluck lunches, brought in treats, and organized team events. The secret, he says, is looking for little ways to build relationships.

He says a heads-down, work-only attitude is no fun for anyone. “We look for ways we can help make someone else’s job a little easier. It doesn’t cost anybody anything, but it can be so significant to the person that’s being helped,” Travis says.

Travis lives by our core values – Putting People First, Continuous Improvement, Quality and Professionalism, Integrity and Ethics, and Growth – which are the foundation of our people-centric culture. He says, “The core values were one of the most surprising things for me coming to CHG. I could actually see people living those core values. I try to use them in the way I treat others and approach my work. I want to make people feel like they’re welcome, they’re wanted, and they can contribute.”

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