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October anniversaries

“I always joke that after my parents raised me to adulthood, CHG did the rest,” Courtney Robbins says. Courtney is a director of administrative support at CHG. This month we’re recognizing Courtney and four other CHG colleagues who have spent decades working and serving at CHG.

  • Courtney Robbins – 20 years, director of administrative support, CHG Healthcare
  • David Baldridge – 30 years, chief operations officer, CHG Healthcare
  • Mike Freeman – 25 years, president, Comp Health allied division
  • Dena Sween – 20 years, manager business operations, Global Medical Staffing division
  • Bernie Martin – 20 years, staffing consultant, CompHealth locum tenens division

Working at CHG in the early days

“Back in 1995 when I started, I was 19 years old and had a mouth full of braces. Now I have gray hair and four kids. The rest is classified,” Mike Freeman jokes.

David Baldridge says, “It was a small, casual, fun environment. It was still a new concept so there was lots of educating clients and physicians as to what locum tenens actually was.” He recalls, “I’d leave messages for clients and the receptionists or assistants would say things like, ‘Oh, no. He’s not interested in tennis. He only golfs.’”

Courtney remembers faxing, mailing, and FedEx-ing everything. Dena Sween says that’s because it was all paper files. And telephones. Lots, and lots of phoning. “We were calling halfway across the world and trying to convince them to take doctors from us!” she recalls.

“It was fun,” Bernie Martin says, “but different fun because we were so small. She loved company parties, especially Halloween, and admits, “It’s crazy to think I have been here two decades.”

“I grew up here,” Courtney says. “I graduated high school, got married, bought my first home, and had all three of my children while working here.”

David joined the company as a marketer. “Back then, marketers were like client developers, looking for new jobs for that specialty,” he explains. “It’s the equivalent to a Client Rep now.”

Decades of service at CHG bring personal and professional growth

When Dena began her career at GMS she worked as a secretary. There were just 13 people in the company. She drafted contracts, did filing, and answered the phones for all of them. Dena says the biggest change she’s seen is the ability and options to communicate with clients and coworkers. She says technology has enabled her team to keep working even when COVID-19 shut their office down.

Leader Tim Smart (L) joins GMS president Tyler Black (R) to offer socially distant congratulations to Dena Sween for 20 years of service.

While decades of service at CHG Healthcare have brought changes in job titles and responsibilities, they’ve also brought tremendous personal growth. “If it weren’t for Global, I wouldn’t have gotten my first passport,” Dena says. “I’ve fallen in love with travel and it’s made me more adventurous.”

Bernie says she’s learned it’s OK to disagree. “Some of the best outcomes are created when two minds don’t originally agree on the same idea, notion, or process,” she says.

“You are in charge of your own growth here,” Courtney says. “If you have a goal to reach, you can talk to your leader and get their guidance to reach it.”

All five say the people are the best part of their CHG experience. “It’s 100% the friendships created through the years,” Bernie says. Mike Freeman notes, “It has been a lot of fun growing up and growing older with everyone.”

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