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Career tips from CHG’s female executives

Globally, the share of women in senior management has increased incrementally in the last few years — according to studies conducted in 2019 and 2020. This is steady progress, but there’s plenty of work to do to ensure more females are represented in roles traditionally occupied by men.

CHG Healthcare is committed to doing our part to elevate women within our organization. Those who have experienced career success with us are equally committed to supporting other ambitious women looking to make their mark in the workforce. Here, some of CHG’s female executives are passing the baton and sharing their top career tips to help other women find success within their careers.

How did you overcome limitations you faced in your career?

Many women in higher positions report the same scenario — early on in their career they were often the only woman in their position. Sharon Gorman, VP of tax, says it was difficult to find other female role models or mentors in her exact role, so she had to look elsewhere for inspiration.

“I persevered by working harder, finding female peers in similar positions, and always sought out growth opportunities, no matter how challenging they were,” says Sharon.

Kerry Norman, SVP of people and operations, is a self-described introvert. She confesses she is on the quiet side and tends to be more reserved than her colleagues. Early in her career, she had to push herself to speak up and share her point of view — it didn’t just happen organically. Luckily, she had leaders and mentors who valued her differences.

“They encouraged me along the way and gave me the space to speak and be heard. They were patient,” recalls Kerry. “They listened and let me finish my thoughts before responding. And they pushed me to enter leadership, because they understood that introverts can be quite reflective, great problem solvers, and level-headed when facing challenges. 

Kerry says now that she is further along in her career, she does her best to repay the kindness she experienced by actively seeking out introverts in the room to ensure they are not overlooked.

Christine VanCampen, VP of diversity, equity, and inclusion, says, “Having a leader who is invested in my progress, and willing to help me grow, was instrumental in my attainment of the VP position. My leader at CHG helped me understand my strengths, as well as where I needed to refine my skills, to get to the next level. I also took full advantage of leadership development tools, trainings, and resources offered at CHG.”

What should women look for in a company?

The three Cs, says Kerry.

  1. A great culture.
  2. An opportunity to work with great colleagues you can learn from and feel inspired by.
  3. Plus, interesting and challenging work at a company that truly cares about its people.

That’s what attracted her to CHG.

Christine says when she decided to look for new opportunities, it was critically important for her to find an organization that shared her values.

What advice would you give to other women dreaming of a successful career?

Christine offers three pieces of advice to women looking to grow their careers.

  1. Be clear about who you are and what matters to you. In order to achieve a “successful” career, you need to be clear on what success means for you. For some, success means titles and salary. For others, success means helping others. Let your intentions serve as your north star in making career decisions.  
  2. Be courageous. Be willing to really challenge and stretch yourself — that is where true growth happens. Even if you fail, you will definitely learn. And learning is the currency of long-term career success. 
  3. Be collaborative. Show genuine interest in the people you are working with, and seek to find ways to achieve shared success. Caring about others, learning about their work and goals, and being a good partner to them, allows you to build a strong network and individual relationships you can leverage throughout your career. 

Sharon says, “Don’t hold yourself back waiting until you are fully prepared for the position you want. You will never be fully prepared. Keep your eyes open for opportunities and continuously seek to prepare and improve yourself along the way.”

It’s common for women to stay in their lane, but Kerry says the best way to learn is to go outside your comfort zone and do it often.

“Dream big,” exclaims Kerry. “Set lofty goals for yourself and be prepared to do the hard work involved in achieving them. Don’t sell yourself short. And don’t be afraid if you have a setback … it’s the comeback that matters.”

CHG has strengthened its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. As a company, we’re focused on increasing diverse representation at every level of our company and look for opportunities to improve equality in areas like pay, hiring, promotions, and overall employee experience. We encourage mentorships, female-focused employee network groups, and roundtable discussions to create connections.

Are you searching for a company where you can be yourself and have opportunities to grow your career? Look no further. View our current openings at

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