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Balancing act: How a career change helped Peter Koralewicz gain freedom in the workplace

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At CHG Healthcare, our people are celebrated for who they are both in and out of the office. We recognize that self-improvement and personal development are just as important as professional growth. That’s why we promote a culture that prioritizes work-life balance, giving our people the flexibility to set their own schedules and the time to pursue interests outside of work.

Peter Koralewicz, a physician recruiter for our Weatherby Healthcare division in Fort Lauderdale, knows firsthand how changing one’s career path to gain more autonomy can have a much greater effect on overall wellbeing. Before joining CHG Healthcare three years ago, Peter held a variety of jobs in the fast-paced, high-stress world of food service — from the grunt work of an entry level position to steering the ship as general manager and chef.

“I love the food service industry,” says Peter, “but I also want to have a family. I’m newly married and my other job just wasn’t sustainable for me long term. I was traveling a lot, and it was wearing me out.”

Transition from food service to healthcare

The kitchen was a place Peter called home for more than 14 years, but the type of work it demanded — mostly centered on a rigid schedule — was catching up to him and cutting into quality time he could’ve spent with his family.

In contrast, Peter watched as his close friend, who worked for CHG Healthcare, enjoyed the benefits of a flexible schedule and an open work environment. “I noticed my buddy come home from work every day in casual attire. He had weekends off and paid holidays. And then I found out he was making double the amount of money I was making! I knew this was something I had to check out,” shares Peter.

Peter now runs his own desk on the hospitalist team at Weatherby, which gives him a lot more freedom. He also feels like his paycheck is a truer reflection of the hard work he puts in every day.

Food will always be a part of his identity

Peter will never stop loving food. And luckily he doesn’t have to sacrifice his passion to work at CHG. It’s not uncommon for Peter to bring racks of barbecued ribs, platters of smoked meat, or grilled local fish into the office. He enjoys sharing his extensive food knowledge and appreciation for the fresh ingredients he harvests himself with his coworkers.

Recently, Peter and his team organized a fundraiser to help support the School Lunch Fairy program, a nonprofit that raises money for emergency lunch funds at public schools. The group put together a celebration complete with food and fun, raising around $5,300.  Of course, Peter led the effort as head chef.

Taking back the weekend

The work of a physician recruiter can be challenging in its own right. There are many moving parts involved in pushing one assignment through, and some aspects are completely out of the recruiter’s control. But there’s also balance and a sense of security from a team that looks out for each other. Peter has the ability to step out of the office to go fishing or attend family events, even if he’s on call. He can also lean on his team for extra support when he needs to fully unplug from work.

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Reiko Turner

Reiko Turner is a marketing coordinator who enjoys the people-centric culture at CHG Healthcare. Outside of the office, she can be found hiking the trails of the Wasatch Front, cooking dinner for friends, or spending time with her wife and dog.

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