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Three ways to be successful in sales at CHG Healthcare

Evan Silverman, a top performing CHG Healthcare salesperson, shares his tips for success

Looking for success in a sales career? You might want to try Evan Silverman’s strategy. Evan’s been with CHG Healthcare for 20 years. For 14 of those years he’s been one of CHG’s top performing sales representatives. His job is matching physicians with healthcare clients. It’s challenging, always changing, and financially rewarding.

Here are his secrets to success:

Be persistent

Evan joined CHG after years working for his dad’s IT staffing company. The business was booming, and Evan planned on eventually taking the company over. Until the recession of 2000. When the company hit bottom, Evan knew he had to find a job. He answered a newspaper ad and was hired as part of the pharmacy team at CHG.

“I was given a sheet of pharmacy terms and about an hour to go over them,” Evan recalls, “then I got on the phone and started calling.”

Back in the day, that was about all the training sales reps received. Evan says there were a lot of challenges, and a lot of rejections, but he kept at it.

He spent about five years on the pharmacy team before moving to a team staffing rehabilitation therapy jobs. Fourteen years into that group, Evan had to make a big decision when the division was restructured last year to better align with growth needs. Should he stay with CHG or go?

“I felt like they were a transparent organization with good communication,” he says. “I trusted they were going to do what’s right for the employees and for the community.”

Evan stayed. Now he’s on the physician sub-specialty team. He find providers permanent positions in oncology, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, and dermatology. He says he’s had to learn a whole new vocabulary and, more importantly, the men and women behind the jobs.

Stay genuine

His advice? Show people you genuinely care about them. Evan says that can only come from really listening to them, understanding what works and what doesn’t work for each provider.

“If they know you’re looking out for them, they’re going to give you more time and they’re going to be more responsive,” he says.

That results in a successful outcome for everyone.

Celebrate even the small wins

Evan says even the small wins make a big difference. He shares, “They’ll build up over time and get you where you want to go.”

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