Making a Difference

Somewhere INN Between: CHG team shows compassion and kindness to Utah’s homeless

Forty team members from our projects and places division, which includes the travel and housing teams, recently volunteered at The INN Between. This nonprofit center offers hospice care to Salt Lake City’s homeless community and relies heavily on volunteers to help provide for the needs of their residents.

“It was truly a rewarding experience,” says Diane Mark, travel coordinator. “It was an afternoon of camaraderie, laughter, education and relationship-building with those at The INN Between.”

The team constructed eight planter boxes, organized the facility by moving furniture and made blankets for future residents.

In addition to volunteering at the center, the team collected money from local businesses and hosted a bake sale to donate funds to The INN Between.

“At the end of the day, Mark, the manager of The INN Between, sat in a chair with a look of astonishment,” Diane recalls. “He said what took us a few hours would have taken them a few months and thanked us. That’s a memory that will stick forever.”

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