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Norwalk office celebrates Day of Pink with bake sale

In addition to wearing pink to raise awareness for breast cancer on CHG’s Day of Pink, the CompHealth permanent placement office in Norwalk, Conn., held a bake sale to raise money. Thanks to those buyers with a sweet tooth, the bake sale raised a total of $377.50.

Goods available for purchase included brownies, pies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, donuts, and more. CompHealth’s landlord and fellow building tenants were big contributors. A big thanks also goes to those who spent their time baking and decorating the awesome assortment of sweets for the bake sale.

The guiding mission of The Breast Cancer Society, Inc. (TBCS) is to provide relief to those who suffer from the effects of breast cancer now, as well as to work cooperatively with and give support to other personnel, individuals and organizations that share in the goal of helping cancer patients, the critically ill, and the impoverished. This is done through education, direct assistance, financial aid, and by providing supplies, care-giving products and referral services. Additionally, TBCS assists in the eradication of breast cancer through education and the support of breast cancer research.


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