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A rewarding IT leadership role brings former employee back to CHG Healthcare

CHG Healthcare new hire, Tess Oldroyd, says, “There is so much to love about CHG.” She would know — she’s a former employee who decided to make her way back to our organization three years later for an opportunity to become an engineering leader on the enterprise data management team.

Tess says working in the IT department at a non tech company is about the same as working at a tech company.

“We’re using newer technologies, solving harder problems, working as stronger teams,” says Tess. “I work with a bunch of really great engineers who are super smart.”

Currently, her team is gathering data from various locations to develop one core group of data that can be used across CHG.

Tess says, “We have the support of scrum masters and BAs, product donors, and things I didn’t have at my last job. I was more focused on doing all those things and not on my people. I love at CHG I can focus on my people.”

As a new leader in our organization, Tess is participating in a series of leader-specific training courses.

“I have learned so much about how to be a really good leader at CHG,” says Tess. “I’ve been through LEAD, LEAP, and all kinds of training to make sure that everyone that works at CHG has great leaders. And I really appreciate that.”

When Tess interviewed at CHG, she was asked, “What would your dream team look like?” She answered that she would love to work with a group of engineers who are knowledgeable, fun to work with, and have no egos — enabling teammates to work seamlessly together and learn from one another.

“That’s exactly what I have here at CHG,” exclaims Tess. “I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a great team. They’re always willing to pitch in and help each other out. They work hard. They like their jobs. And we have fun.”

Since taking on a leadership role at CHG, Tess says she can spend more time with her loved ones. Long hours and working weekends are a thing of the past and she is grateful to gain more work-life-balance in her life.

Tess Oldroyd shares more thoughts about her new career at CHG in this video.

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