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My development journey: Jennifer Canon

Seven years ago, Jennifer Canon was looking for her first professional job. She wanted a position that had growth opportunities and had heard about CHG from a friend. Jennifer decided to apply. The position she had applied for ended up being filled, but she received a call a few weeks later offering her another position.

She started her career in an operations support role assisting the front desk and the credentialing team. Jennifer is proactive and always looking for ways she can advance in her role. This work ethic helped move her career forward, and only six months into her role she transitioned to a full-time credentialing specialist.

Jennifer continued to work hard and grow her career. “The doors are open for people who work for it,” she says. Soon her leader came to her and asked if she was interested in a becoming a leader herself. Jennifer jumped on the opportunity and dove headfirst into a manager recruiter associate role.

The first couple of months as a leader were hectic. Her team was already large and growing quickly. But during this time, she learned to be flexible and lean on her leaders for help. “Although I’ve had different leaders, I have always felt like they’ve been here to support me.”

Continuing to pave her own development journey at CHG, Jennifer is eager about the future. She’s excited to keep learning and expanding her knowledge base so she can help her growing team members drive their own development.

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