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My career journey: Finding a career and fulfillment at CHG Healthcare

Garrett Wolfe

A work in progress. That’s how Garrett Wolfe, a business intelligence analyst, describes his career at CHG Healthcare. Garrett joined the company seven years ago in a sales role at CompHealth, a CHG physician staffing brand.

A graduate of the University of Utah in economics, he applied for a job as a business analyst but got turned down. The recruiter suggested he try sales to get his foot in the door. The sales job started at less than Garrett was making at the big box retail store he worked for, but he was ready to take a risk, and it paid off.

“I met all my first-year goals,” he recalls, “and started getting commissions. But I didn’t love it and I knew that I wanted to be in more of an analytics role.”

Working toward a career

Garrett reached out to CHG colleagues and tried to learn as much as he could about roles that better aligned with his interests.

When a job opened in CHG’s finance division, Garrett applied and got the job. He added to his skill set by learning Excel and anything else he thought would help him be successful in his new role. He loved his co-workers and his job, but he was still keeping an eye open for an analyst opportunity.

His chance came when CHG hired him as a business intelligence, or BI, analyst.

In every position, Garrett says he’s grown and learned, adding more to what he calls his toolbox of skills.

Recently, he moved into a BI analyst role with LocumsMart, a sales support company in the CHG family. Garrett says he’s fascinated by the work and loves opportunities to learn new data visualization programs. He also likes coordinating with salespeople who, in turn, take the data analysis to their clients and help them create more effective staffing plans.

Garrett says every position he’s had since his days at CompHealth have helped prepare him for the next opportunity. “I realize how lucky I am because I kept ending up in these really good positions with really great leaders that helped me along the way,” he says. “It’s been great!”

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