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Annalee Rowley in her chicken suit for a team activity

“I never would have imagined I’d be with the company 25 years!” Annalee Rowley exclaims. She’s an operations manager for CHG Healthcare. This month Annalee shares, a 25th anniversary celebration along with colleagues Melissa Kendall and Kristian Wang. Pam Nielsen, CHG’s senior accounts payable manager, is celebrating 35 years with the company. Here are some of the reasons they’re grateful to have spent decades growing and giving in their careers.

Finding a career with flexibility

Melissa was newly married and needed a better paying job. Her sister-in-law told her about an opening in the CompHealth (a CHG brand) mail room. She got the job and a year later, Melissa moved to her assignment coordinator position, a job she still loves today.

Over the years, her leaders helped her realize a dream of moving from the city to 130-year-old house in rural northern Utah. As someone who loves remodeling projects and woodworking, the move was perfect. As the years have passed, the flexibility is also helping her care for her husband’s medical needs.

Annalee can relate. “CompHealth has seen me through a lot of family changes and has supported me and allowed me to do what I needed to do. As my family changed, they gave me the flexibility to take care of things,” she explains.

Growing through new opportunities

When she joined CompHealth as a temp, Annalee says stepping into the workforce after a divorce was tough. She recalls, “I can’t tell you how much I owe to so many people who gave me an opportunity.”

She advanced to full time work and eventually a became a leader. “That’s definitely where I grew the most,” she recalls. “I’ve seen a lot of change, but CHG has given me every opportunity to be successful.”

As Kristian tells the story, he was in a different line of sales when one of his customers, a CHG sales leader, approached him about changing jobs.

In the 25 years that followed, Kristian said his CHG job has been equal parts changing and challenging. He responds to request for proposals from potential clients, does some technical writing, and acts as an interface between sales reps on the government team and the legal team.

“I’m making sure we’re meeting all the legal requirements and trying to maximize profit to the company,” he explains.

Kristian says for him, growth has come in the form of not only improving his writing skills but mastering new people skills too.

For Pam, leaders made all the difference. When she joined CHG 35 years ago, she was a filing clerk, then a receptionist where she taught herself Word and Excel. Five years later, she got her first job in accounts payable.

“I never thought I would be where I am today,” she says. “I had some great leaders that were an example. They took the time to mentor me and saw in me what I didn’t see in myself. They really inspired me and pushed me and helped me develop into my current role.”

Kristian volunteers extensively with the Scouts BSA (formerly Boy Scouts). CHG supports his service and his passion for helping his daughter’s troop be successful. Being able to use CHG’s paid volunteer time off gives him time to participate.

“Through CHG, I’ve been able to travel and go to places that I never thought I would see,” Pam says. “I got to see a bigger world and my growth and development has been amazing.”

Looking to the future

Kristian Wang doesn’t see himself retiring anytime soon

“When I started,” Kristian says, “I told them I’d give them five years. It went a little longer than that.” Retirement? “I figure it’s another 20 years out,” he says.

Melissa says, “Just seeing our growth has been kind of amazing to watch over the years.”

“They’re never going to get rid of me!” Pam says, laughing. “I’ll be this old lady with a walker scooting down the hallway.”

Annalee adds, “I turned a temp job into a 25-year career. There’s never, ever been a thought in my mind to go anywhere else. They’ve taken such good care of me and allowed me to have a wonderful career.”

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