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Employee Network Groups: Building camaraderie at CHG

The Geek Corner Culture Group

CHG strives to create a community of inclusion for all its people. A culture of inclusion that allows our people the freedom to bring their interests, viewpoints, and passions to work.

Because we are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion, we encourage our people to create and participate in Employee Network Groups (ENG). These groups allow our people to meet and network with their peers who share their passions, experiences, and goals. There’s a wide range of groups, including those focused on the arts, wellness, professional and personal development, community service, gender or sexual orientation, and hobbies. CHG currently has 82 groups throughout our eight office locations. Each ENG is able to use company resources as well as $500 a year to form groups and fund activities.

“CHG has provided wonderful opportunities to feel like we are a part of something bigger,” says Amanda Petrillo, project manager with our RNnetwork division. “We are able to make a lot of new friends and have many new adventures with them because of ENGs.”

Get to know a few of the ENGs we have throughout our company.

D.I.Y Home Improvement Club — Midvale, Utah

This group shares ideas, methods and even has a tool-sharing program so members can get all they need for their at-home projects. Some of the group’s recent lunch and learns include how to finish dry walling and a DIY solar panel installation. In addition to providing group members a directory of vetted contractors and suppliers for specific materials, they also take our Putting People First core value to a new level. Shawn Lamar, group leader, shared that just in the past month he has had members come to his home to help complete a project he had been working on.

Putting Pets First — Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This group is full of pet lovers that put pets first and enhance the lives of animals through networking, fundraising, and volunteering. They also get together as a group often to do fun activities with their fur babies. And this past year, they have held fund raisers for local shelters like Abandoned Pet Rescue, Animal Aid, and Beyond Nine Cat Rescue.

It’s no wonder this group describes themselves as #PAWESOME.

Outdoor Sports Club — Trumbull, Connecticut

The Outdoor Sports Club is an OG ENG. They have been around since ENGs were first introduced at CHG. They provide outdoor sports equipment to CHG employees, and they play basketball during lunch as well as host off-campus games. The relationship side of this club has allowed members to put teams together for a sponsored corporate league.

The Cookout — Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The mission of the The Cookout ENG is loud and clear. “The Cookout will provide a safe space for Black CHG employees to network, socialize, and support one another. Our goal is to be a visible face for Black employees throughout CHG, without it being broken down by birth nation. We hope to provide a space to enjoy the diversity of the Black staff of CHG.” Though it is based in Florida, employees throughout the country take part virtually. The group has played an important role in CHG’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

The Geek Culture Corner Group — Boca Raton, Florida

This ENG hosts new events every month! From catching the latest geeky movie to meeting up at arcades and comic book conventions, there is never a dull moment. They do dabble in some “non-nerdy” activities like mini golf, museums, and festivals.

Lori Price, a club member, says, “The Geek Culture Corner Group is right up my alley! The events they hold are things I’m interested in and will continue to attend.  I’m definitely a Geek.”

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