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CompHealth permanent placement celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

As part of a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, members of the CompHealth permanent placement team in Fort Lauderdale enjoyed a costume contest and a St. Patrick’s trivia contest. They also got Perm Pride T-shirts. To make things extra festive, the team honored all those with March birthdays and anniversaries with cake.

Consultant Michelle Samartin says, “The feeling of togetherness was in the air. Can’t wait till next month for our next event.”

Eric Halpern, a senior rehab therapy consultant, adds, “It is always fun to dress up in green and come to work.”

“Josh Davis did a great job as the MC for the St. Patty’s Day trivia quiz,” says consultant Martie Cunningham. “Rumor is that the ‚Äòunderground leprechaun society’ is looking to recruit him — must be the orange hair. And, true to form, Eric Halpern dressed for the party. He was totally green and looked like he was coming off of a long Irish ale drinking contest. Michelle Samartin deserves a great big thank-you for putting together the birthdays and anniversaries celebration. She had gifts for all and a great big yummy green cake. It was great watching everyone having fun and laughing at each other.”


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