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CHG’s Employee Compassion Fund: A lifeline for CHG families struggling financially during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has depleted bank accounts world-wide. Even those who managed to keep their jobs, faced the looming chance that they may contract COVID-19 and be asked to remain in quarantine for two weeks before returning to work.  

Kathy Mendez, a member of our Weatherby Healthcare internal credentialing team, experienced just that when her husband tested positive for the virus and couldn’t work. She unexpectedly faced piling bills and was unable to buy household necessities, like diapers.  

Fortunately for our people, they can access CHG’s Employee Compassion Fund — an employee-sponsored initiative that provides tax-free grants to those who find themselves in an unexpected crisis or financial hardship. In this video, Kathy shares her story about how CHG’s Employee Compassion Fund helped fill the financial gap for her family and relieve mountains of stress.  

Contributing to the Compassion Fund is simple — employees can sign up for a payroll deduction or make a one-time contribution. The Making a Difference Foundation then matches 50 percent of those contributions. In 2020 the compassion fund awarded 185 grants which totals $317,277.


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Ashley Miller

Ashley Miller is a senior communications specialist who enjoys building relationships with all of CHG Healthcare’s unique employees. As a former television journalist, storytelling comes naturally to Ashley. She’s always looking for a new way to highlight our people and their contributions to our company, clients, providers, and communities.

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