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What we do matters: A CHG therapist cares for injured employee

Everyone across the CHG Healthcare family of companies plays a role in placing quality healthcare providers with hospitals and clinics around the country. It’s not often one of our employees become a patient who is cared for by one of these doctors, nurses, or occupational therapists we staff. But that’s exactly what happened to Rob Hanson, a marketing director for CHG.

Keep reading to learn more about Rob’s story or scroll to the bottom for a video about his experience.

Rob’s snowboarding accident required surgery and months of occupational therapy

Rob is an avid snowboarder. And when he got the chance to take advantage of some of Utah’s famous snow, he hit the slopes. But that’s not all he hit. There was just enough new powder to conceal a rocky patch on the mountain that didn’t have an adequate base layer of snow. Rob hit the rocks full force in a horrific crash that fractured both his wrists. He tumbled down the mountain and, despite his injuries, was finally able to right himself. Unable to use his hands and free himself from his snowboard, Rob managed to make it further down the mountain until he reached a lift operator who called for help.

Doctors at the resort stabilized him and sent him immediately to the University of Utah hospital where he underwent surgery. Pins, plates, and casts helped patch him back together. Next would be weeks of healing and occupational therapy.

He couldn’t type or tie his shoes. He moved back in with his parents for help with simple daily living activities. “It’s a little daunting facing the prospect of three months without using your hands,” Rob says.

Occupational therapy was a critical part of Rob’s treatment. When his therapist asked what he did for a living, he replied, “I do marketing. I work in healthcare staffing. Let me know if you’re ever interested in a travel therapy job.”

That’s when the world got a lot smaller. His therapist, Anne, just happened to be working in Utah with our CompHealth division. The University of Utah hand clinic was her first travel assignment.

“Anne didn’t fully put the connections together,” Katie Rosenberg, Anne’s recruiter, recalls. “Rob reached out a few days later and sent an email giving kudos to her and CompHealth.”

During a weekly provider check in, Katie told Anne about Rob’s email and how much he appreciated Anne’s help. “She was happy she was able to help someone in ‘the family,’” Katie says.

“That’s the piece I love the most about this job,” she says. “Working with great therapists and connecting them with communities that need help. How awesome is it that it gets to be part of our CHG family?”

“I’m super grateful,” Rob says. “Experiences like this help you connect back to the CHG purpose. My team does the marketing to help bring in occupational therapists,” he explains. “We’re literally helping to put people like Anne in the path of people like Katie.”

That connection helped put Rob’s hands in Anne’s, placing him one step closer to healing and getting back to a sport he loves.  

Learn more about Rob’s experience in the video below.

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