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CHG’s training program wows new hire

We take training seriously at CHG Healthcare and new hires are taking notice.

Kylie Scott recently joined CompHealth‘s anesthesiology team and has been wowed by the training she’s receiving to prepare for her new role.

“So far my experience has been, honestly, amazing,” exclaims Kylie.

We have a dedicated training staff to educate new hires on our overarching business purpose as an organization and the core values that drive us. Then each new employee embarks on more in-depth training in their specific division to learn their role inside and out. Coming from a background in retail, Kylie says she’s never had more than two weeks of training before she’s been “thrown into the fire.”

“I know some people might dread an eight-week training, but I have loved it, because I feel much more prepared,” explains Kylie. “And I’ve had help every step of the way.”

That’s right! We strive to set our new hires up for success so they can hit the ground running. We’ve been recognized by multiple publications, including being inducted into Training Magazine’s Top 10 Hall of Fame.

Kylie shares more about the training she’s experienced here at CHG Healthcare in the video below.

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Currently, all CHG training is virtual due to COVID-19.

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