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3 big reasons CHG is trending as a top company for software engineers

CHG's digital department shows off their creative side at a team painting activity
CHG’s digital department shows off their creative side at a team painting activity

CHG Healthcare’s digital team is turning heads for all the right reasons: a startup feel with the benefits of a large company, great work/life balance, and the opportunity to work on state-of-the-art software. With five teams under the digital umbrella and nearly 300 people, we continue to grow and attract the brightest minds in the business. Here’s a glimpse into our growing team, and a few of the reasons it’s a great opportunity for engineering job seekers.  

“CHG’s engineering function directly impacts the business at CHG, as the engineering teams develop applications and systems that increase the efficiency of our internal teams, drive revenue through our external customers, and help attract and retain current customers,” says Jai Lebo, vice president of engineering.  

He continues to explain, “This ability to add value to the CHG business is achieved by engineering teams having access to our business partners and customers to learn about details of the many business functions driving the respective business processes. The engineering teams also directly impact the CHG business with the implementation of new techologies and capabilities in the business intelligence space, along with machine learning, to help CHG synthesize and make better, more accurate decisions with our data.” 

1. All the great perks of startups plus some 

Jeff Despain

Before starting his career at CHG, Jeff Despain, senior director of software development, had worked at both large corporations and startups, and even ran his own software business.  

“Startups are fun and exciting, but they can be exhausting! They typically are more challenged to support a sustainable work/life balance,” shares Jeff. 

CHG’s engineering team is more than 150 people strong and still growing. Digital leaders at CHG are creating a unique experience for their teams — a place where you can grow your discipline, work with great people, and have a work/life balance that includes remote work.   

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2. Plenty of opportunities to innovate 

We encourage engineers to understand what we do as a business, the differences we make through our team contributions, and how each person can make the best difference on their team and through what they are working on. 

Jeff says, “We have ‘hack days’ once a quarter for three days. This is an opportunity for our engineers to spend a few days innovating and coming up with ideas. We’ve had some great wins that we’ve used in some of our more formal development roadmaps.” 

In addition, engineers can provide input during quarterly planning stages to create more value. 

Hack Day
Quarterly ‘hack day’

3. A chance to work on the latest tech 

Our technical stack and the type of solutions we develop are a big draw for engineering job seekers.  

“The technology we’re working in is enticing for a lot of engineers because it’s leading-edge technology and provides solid, valuable experience for their careers,” says Jeff. 

Across teams, here are just some of the technologies our engineers are leveraging: 

  • Amazon Web Services 
  • Data and services platform 
  • Container based architecture (AWS-EKS, Portworx, Kafka, Redis, Postgres, etc.) 
  • Service mesh (Istio) 
  • Salesforce 
  • Node.js 
  • Angular, Vue.js and React 
  • Responsive web and native mobile apps 
  • Laravel, PHP 
  • Agile and CI/CD pipeline processes (GitHub, SonarQube, etc.) 

We’re hiring engineers! 

As a leader, Jeff says he’s looking for engineers who have a strong customer focus, and a good customer mindset.  

“A large part of our engineering team’s motivation is building great solutions for customers — that’s how we make a difference! I’m looking for individuals that are excited about sofware development, continually improving their skills, and driving high-value outcomes in our digital space,” explains Jeff.  

Hiring managers are seeking candidates who want to build on their current skill set and be part of helping CHG build great solutions.  

If you’re interested in joining CHG’s engineering team, take a look at our open positions

Updated April 19, 2022

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