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Career advice from our people celebrating milestone anniversaries

What’s it like working at a company for 20, 25, even 30 years? Find out as CHG Healthcare recognizes three team members celebrating careers filled with great memories and share-worthy advice for anyone looking to join our family of companies.

Celia Dumas

Finding a second family

“It’s not really just one thing,” Celia Dumas, a manger of government services, explains. “It’s the overall feeling that the people you work with are truly supportive for all things that happen in your life.”

Celia’s been feeling that love, and giving it, for the past three decades. She says the people are her favorite part of CHG. “It’s like a second family,” she shares.

Celia had heard CompHealth, a division of CHG, was a great place to work so she just kept sending her resume until she was finally contacted for an interview. She started her career as a “floating secretary.”

Today, she’s the manager of the government services team. “We staff and submit bids for federal facilities like Indian Health, Veterans’ Administration, and correctional facilities,” Celia explains.

Her career advice to others? “Don’t be afraid to try new things and challenge yourself,” she advises. “Ask questions and don’t assume anything. Be objective and fair but, above all, have fun! If you don’t allow yourself to have fun, it will affect everything else in your life.”

Jill Sansom in one of her Christmas outfits

A passion for change

“One thing that has been completely consistent here is change!” Jill Sansom says with a laugh.

As a physician recruiter, Jill’s been learning how to go with the flow, and excel in the process, for the past 25 years.

“This job, the company, and the market morph and change all the time,” she says.

And that means Jill’s changed, too. “Learning to be adaptable and flexible is a strength that I’ve developed over time,” she explains. “I’ve learned so much about myself and gained valuable experiences in the process.”

She’s also picked up some pretty outrageous clothing as she participated in her team’s annual ugly Christmas sweater contest.

“I went a little overboard as time went on and year after year it turned into an ugly Christmas outfit,” Jill admits.

The tradition is still one of her favorite CHG memories.

“I’ve created many life-long friendships here that I cherish and have shaped who I am today,” she says.

What’s Jill’s advice to others? “Embrace the constant change,” she advises. “Staying adaptable and maintaining the ability to go with the flow will make this a great environment for thriving and also make you an invaluable asset for CHG.”

Lisa Martin

Growing a career

Lisa Martin joined CHG after her sister and identical twin, who works for CHG’s Weatherby Healthcare division, told Lisa what a great place CHG was to work.

Lisa is currently a senior coordinator on our medical staff services team but is taking advantage of growth opportunities by transitioning into a new role as a support coordinator.

Throughout her career and the different positions she’s held, Lisa’s favorite part of the job has always been the people. And, along the way, she’s learned a lot about herself as a person.

“I’ve learned what I want in life personally and professionally,” Lisa says. “I’m aware of my strengths, likes, and dislikes. CHG has helped me become a better version of myself.”

Are you looking for a challenging career that helps you improve? Check out our current openings. You might just become one of our life-long friends.


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