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Bringing our core values to life: CHG’s Employee Compassion Fund

CHG Healthcare was built on the foundation of Putting People First. This core value encourages a culture of compassion that starts at home and extends beyond the workplace. But, compassion is not merely a feeling; it requires action. That’s why CHG created the Employee Compassion Fund, a benefit that empowers our people to make a difference in a tangible way.

The Employee Compassion Fund is an employee-sponsored initiative that provides tax-free grants to employees who find themselves in an unexpected crisis or financial hardship.

A helping hand during life’s challenges

Julie Cyrus

In July of 2018, Julie Cyrus, credentialing coordinator for our RNnetwork division, was recovering from her third surgical procedure in three years. Due to complications from a previous surgery, Julie had to undergo two additional surgeries to repair damage to her stomach.

“I had missed so much work, and I started falling behind on all of my bills. I was even going to be evicted from my home, “Julie shares.

With her family facing eviction, Julie decided to apply for a grant through the Employee Compassion Fund and was approved. She used the grant money to pay her rent and put a stop to the eviction process, allowing her family of five (dog included) to stay in their home and maintain some stability.

“I really didn’t want my children to know what was happening. I wanted them to be unaffected by the situation because they were already affected by me being ill. This fund helped my entire family and kept our sense of normalcy,” says Julie.

A community coming together

After a destructive tornado tore through the neighborhood of Darline Morris, senior sales consultant for our CompHealth division in Connecticut, she was left with heavy damage to her property and a community that needed to heal.

Darline Morris

John Giglietta, CompHealth vice president, found out about Darline’s situation and recommended she apply for a grant through the compassion fund. The grant was approved, and Darline was able use the money as a supplement to her homeowners insurance, which didn’t cover the cost of yard cleanup and repair.

Not only did Darline receive some extra support from the compassion fund, but her team also pulled together to help with cleanup.

“It’s still moving to me today, “says Darline. “My coworkers and friends were there for me when I really needed them. It was such a beautiful thing. We really do put people first.”

Making a contribution to the compassion fund is simple — employees can sign up for a payroll deduction or make a one-time contribution to the fund. The Making a Difference Foundation then matches 50 percent of those contributions. In 2018 alone, the compassion fund distributed 42 grants to CHG employees, which equates to $73,163.

These grants are a direct reflection of a workplace defined by humanity. CHG may have created the Employee Compassion Fund, but it’s our people who give it true meaning.

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Reiko Turner

Reiko Turner is a marketing coordinator who enjoys the people-centric culture at CHG Healthcare. Outside of the office, she can be found hiking the trails of the Wasatch Front, cooking dinner for friends, or spending time with her wife and dog.

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