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My path to success: How CHG Healthcare sales consultants achieve their financial dreams 

What are some of your financial goals? Perhaps you want to take a trip of a lifetime you’ve been secretly planning in your head for years. Maybe paying off your student debt is high on the list. Or buying your first, or second, home. With patience and a willingness to work hard, sales consultants at CHG Healthcare are achieving their financial goals. Here are some of their stories of finding success. 

Making dreams come true

Suzanne Brown is a senior sales consultant in our Weatherby Healthcare division. She’s been placing pulmonologists in healthcare facilities across the nation for 19 years and she’s found great success in her career. 

“It was a dream of mine to buy a lake house, so we bought one five years ago,” says Suzanne.  

On top of frequent visits to her special place, her family enjoys taking two vacations together a year. Her job at Weatherby helps her afford the lifestyle that best suits her family.  

Suzanne shares, “My husband works part-time to help with the kids, so I can focus on work. My job allows us to make those choices for our family.” 

Work flexibility has also made a huge difference in her family’s life. 

“Life is different now since the pandemic and people’s priorities have changed. It’s a blessing to be able to work from home, as needed, while growing my career and remaining successful,” says Suzanne.  

Drive, focus, and good communication are some of the attributes Suzanne says are necessary to be successful as a sales consultant.  

“After one year, you’ll know if you’re cut out for this job. Within three years’ time, I was making six figures. If you can stick it out for two to three years, you’re golden,” says Suzanne.  

She says the reason she loves her job goes beyond money.  

“I have a lot of passion for what I do, but this last year was really eye opening because our team realized how important our job is,” she shares.  

Suzanne says her team is “crazy busy” and there’s more opportunity to grow her book of business than ever before. 

Accomplishing financial freedom 

Tim Hyde had phone sales experience before joining Weatherby Healthcare as a sales consultant. His past work history, mixed with excellent training at Weatherby, helped him hit the floor running as a new consultant.  

“There was a lot of learning, but I was open to it. I learned a ton within my first year. It was a very positive experience,” explains Tim.  

Nearly nine years later, Tim has achieved President’s Club once and is on track to reach it again.  


President’s Club is an incentive trip designed to reward CHG’s top salespeople and sales leaders for outstanding performance and living our core values. Winners enjoy a trip with a guest to celebrate a year of success with our CEO and other leaders.  

Weatherby has changed his life.  

“My job has allowed me to have financial freedom to travel, save for the future, and take time off when needed,” Tim says.  

Making a very good living is entirely possible as a salesperson at CHG if you’re willing to work hard. 

“There’s always an opportunity to grow and to do more as a salesperson. We’re given a lot of autonomy, but also a lot of support,” explains Tim.  

Some of that support comes from your peers. 

“My team is very helpful to new hires. I’m willing to help answer any questions the best I can and the tenured people on my team are willing to do the same to help,” says Tim. 

New hires start their career placing healthcare providers, but once they understand the business at a higher level, there’s an opportunity to work with clients as well. 

Tim says, “If you’re working the provider and client side, it’s a full book of business. The more you understand about this business, the more money and the more opportunity.” 

The secret he shares is learning from the people who are successful.  

Tim says, “Learn their talk tracks. The way they communicate through email or through phone. Take things from them and adapt them to your style.” 

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