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7 reasons CHG is a great place to work for parents


Fortune magazine recently recognized CHG Healthcare on its 2016 list of 50 Best Workplaces for Parents. The list is determined by employee surveys and highlights companies with flexible schedules, supportive coworkers, and an emphasis on work/life balance.

CHG’s guiding principle of Putting People First creates an inclusive culture where employees feel comfortable being themselves and take care of each other. The result is a workplace environment that is not only fun and supportive, but also encourages employees to find a work/life balance that enhances both their professional and personal lives.

“My mom has worked here for more than 20 years, and I practically grew up with CHG,” shares Mallary Paskett, administrative support manager with our CompHealth division. “She was always home at night and on the weekends. I knew I would like to find a job like that, especially as I started my own family.”

Currently, 40 percent of CHG’s employees are parents who are trying to achieve a healthy balance between their careers and time with their families. CHG offers a variety of unique benefits to make it easier. Some of these perks include:

1. Free Onsite Health Clinic

Employees and their families receive free healthcare, including primary care services, health coaching, and disease management, and employees do not need to use their PTO for appointments. The clinics also dispense nearly 40 medications at no cost, including antibiotics, antivirals, and starter packs for allergies.

2. Company-Paid Leave Programs

CHG’s leave programs provide financial support to all employees during significant life events. Programs include a company-paid short-term disability program and paid leave for maternity, paternity, adoptions, foster care placement, and medical difficulties.

3. Onsite Fitness Centers

Employees have access to an onsite gym or can participate in free fitness classes, including yoga, kickboxing, dance fitness, and meditation.

“I use the gym just about every day,” says Justin Staska, sales manager with our CompHealth division. “It is such a huge mental and physical benefit to be able to exercise during my lunch. I always come back to work with lots of energy and ready to focus. It’s also a huge time saver and allows me to spend more time with my family, since I don’t have to travel to some gym after work.”

4. Employee Network Groups

Employees are welcome to use company resources to form clubs or groups based on their personal interests. More than 800 employees participate in a CHG network, ranging from an LGBT pride group to a Conquering Cancer group. Parents at the company enjoy the support the groups like Moms on the Move, CHG Mommas, and Autism Support provide.

5. Volunteer Time Off

Each employee receives eight hours of paid time off to volunteer in the community. Many of the parents use this benefit to volunteer with their families or in their children’s classrooms.

6. Mothers’ Rooms

Our Mothers’ Rooms help ease the transition for new mothers coming back to work. The private rooms come equipped with a comfortable recliner, refrigerator, and microwave for those who are nursing.

7. Flexible Schedules

CHG empowers leaders to create flexible work schedules with their employees to find an optimal balance of work and personal responsibilities. Alternate work schedules include flextime, job sharing, a compressed workweek, telecommuting and regular part-time work.

“I have three kids in competition soccer,” Justin shares. “They have games all over Utah, and sometimes I have needed to leave work early to make the games. But because we have such great freedom and flexibility in our schedules, I been able to attend just about every game this year. It really means a lot to my kids to be able to have their dad attend and cheer them on.”

Although these benefits are helpful, the biggest reason employees say they like working at CHG is the people.

“It’s a family atmosphere,” Weatherby Healthcare supervisor Erica Kelly says. “Our workplace naturally becomes our second home, and the company makes sure we have a good mix of work and play.”

Justin agrees. “We have a lot of fun, but we also have a group of people dedicated to doing their absolute best at their jobs. I love coming to work each day, and I haven’t been able to say that about previous businesses I have worked for. I’m happy and you can’t beat that!”

Are you interested in working at CHG? Check out the open jobs on our careers page.

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