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Utah company offers at-work mental health counseling

For more than a year, CHG has offered mental health services to employees through its free onsite Marathon Health clinic. The counselors in the clinic provide free counseling for depression, anxiety, substance abuse and alcohol problems, stress management, and other mental health concerns.

In the Deseret News article, “Utah company offers at-work mental health counseling,” reporter Jasen Lee discusses how this new company program is helping CHG take care of its employees and empower them to make their physical and emotional wellness a priority.

“I rarely get time to focus on myself,” says DiVina Mauchley, senior culture specialist at CHG. “Having my company be able to recognize that mental health is a real issue and that by focusing on the whole employee, they are going to have better, more productive people (is great). They are saying that they care about me as a mom, as an employee and as a person.”

Read the full article on Deseret News.

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