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The Making a Difference Foundation sets new record for most approved grants in one month!

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The Making a Difference Foundation, a private, nonprofit organization, established by CHG Healthcare, is dedicated to unleashing the humanitarian passion in others, including our people. One way they do this is through local grants, which help support local causes and nonprofit organizations that CHG’s employees are actively involved in. They include, but are not limited to, these categories: health, education, food, shelter, safety, water, animals, arts, environment, or workplace culture.

In February, the foundation approved nine grants — the most ever in one month! — with a total contribution equaling $12,000. Last year, the foundation contributed $455,000 to nearby charities through local and healthcare grants — plus matched CHG employee contributions to United Way and the CHG Compassion Fund.

For a description of the nine grants approved in February, click through the slideshow below:


Continually improving the way we support our community:

Since Continuous Improvement is one of our core values as a company, we are always looking for ways to make our programs better. Recently, the foundation made two improvements to its local grant eligibility requirements:

  1. Local grant eligibility now includes nonprofits focused on education improvement efforts for students ranging from pre-K through 12th
  2. The foundation eliminated the rule that a nonprofit can only receive one local grant per year. Charities may now receive a local grant for each CHG employee who is actively involved in the same organization. Remember though, we only allow one local grant per employee each calendar year.

To learn more about all the Making a Difference Foundation does, check out their website.

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