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Close to home: RNnetwork nurse cares for employee’s mom during cancer treatment

CHG Healthcare and its brands hire people who want to positively impact the world. Every one of our employees has a role to play in making sure healthcare systems are staffed to meet the demands of their communities. We focus on locating and placing only the best providers, because we want all patients to receive a level of care we would want for our closest family members.   

Jennifer Haskell, a training specialist with our nursing division, RNnetwork, teaches all new sales recruiters the ins and outs of travel nursing. She coaches them on how to find the best travel nurses and place them in assignments at healthcare systems across the U.S. In this video she shares the overwhelming emotions she felt when she discovered nurse Lea Matthews, placed by Adriana Rosenberg — a recruiter she personally trained at RNnetwork — was caring for her mom undergoing cancer treatment. 

“My mom was getting chemo, which was really emotional already because none of us — my brother or sister — can go with her because of COVID … so for her to have to go to chemo treatments by herself was a pretty big deal. And she starts texting me, ‘there’s somebody from RNnetwork here,'” recalls Jennifer. “I thought how cool that I got to teach somebody who got to go book her nurse — her first nurse — and that nurse is sitting there helping my mom.”

Now more than ever, Jennifer realizes the importance of every job at CHG and how all employees within our companies play a part in changing lives everyday!

“What we do really does make a difference … To really feel it and have it hit home, was pretty miraculous,” says Jennifer.

Since the filming of this video, Jennifer’s mom has completed her cancer treatments and is in remission. 

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Ashley Miller is a senior communications specialist who enjoys building relationships with all of CHG Healthcare’s unique employees. As a former television journalist, storytelling comes naturally to Ashley. She’s always looking for a new way to highlight our people and their contributions to our company, clients, providers, and communities.

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