Making a Difference

Paying it forward: A cycle of giving

​At CHG, we pride ourselves on giving back to our people, providers, clients and communities. But sometimes, those we serve give back to us.

Igor Jauk

About five years ago, Igor Jauk, operations manager with our CompHealth division in Trumbull, Conn., began working with Dr. Begovic an anesthesiologist who was looking for a unique schedule as his teenage daughter was living in Croatia. The physician wanted to be able to take two to three months off at a time to be with her but did not want to work locum tenens assignments. Being Croatian himself and understanding the 10 hours of travel, Igor was eager to help out.

Providing flexibility and understanding

Igor reached out to his client in Chicago and was able to convince them to consider a non-traditional schedule. Dr. Begovic signed with the group and worked with them for two years, being able to travel back and forth between Chicago and Croatia to be with his daughter. Igor remained in contact with Dr. Begovic, and when the doctor wanted to work a more normal schedule, Igor was there to help again and find him a permanent position in Iowa, where he remains today.

Building a lasting relationship

Over the course of five years working together, the two formed a relationship. Still connecting even after a second placement, Igor shared with the anesthesiologist that his father, who lives in Croatia, was sick. Dr. Begovic immediately jumped into action. The tables were turned and he wanted to help.

Giving back

Dr. Begovic requested all of the medical records surrounding Igor’s father’s case to translate the medical terminology to English. To make sure his father was getting the best possible quality of care, Begovic suggested Igor get a second opinion. Igor was able to bring these translated documents to an American oncologist where they determined the best course of action. Without Dr. Begovic’s advice, Igor’s dad may not have received the care he needed.

The two still speak daily about Igor’s father, and Dr. Begovic continues to provide Igor with advice and offers assistance. Both Igor and this physician are a true example of why we do what we do at CHG.

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