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Making a difference: Norwalk office bands together to address hunger in community


One out of five kids in Connecticut is food insecure. And in Bridgeport, a mere 20 minutes driving distance from CHG’s Norwalk office, the statistic doubles to two in five kids, according to Michael Davidow, a corporate development manager with the Connecticut Food Bank.

For Ursula Leo, a search consultant for our CompHealth permanent placement office in Norwalk, the subject touched close to her heart. “I was a single mom with two kids and never had enough for healthy meals,” she recollects. “It’s a humbling experience to be in that situation. The services offered at the food bank helped me, and I want to give back — by volunteering time, raising money and building awareness.”

Ursula organized two different ways — a backpack program and a virtual food drive — that our CHG family could give back to their local community. On Jan. 7 and 14, our people volunteered their time at the Connecticut Food Bank, preparing backpacks for hungry children to take home and bridge the weekend meal gap. And to provide ongoing support to families in need, we created a virtual food bank with a goal to raise $5,000 this year.

Giving back to our communities and Putting People First is part of who we are at CHG. “These small efforts really make a difference,” Ursula says.


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  • Reading this story warms my heart! This is near and dear to me and I am so happy to be part of a company with this type of compassion and dedication.

  • Many thanks to all of you in Norwalk who actively organized, those who contributed, and to those who help support and encourage those who are volunteering. Overcoming food insecurity within our communities, within our borders, and beyond is very signficant in helping those for whom life’s circumstances has thrown them a curve. There is something clearly BETTER in every effort each of us makes toward a change for better. Congratulations to each of you for your efforts. There is no accounting for how doing something for others can change our understanding of the impact a seemingly small effort can make. Again, THANK YOU!

  • great opportunity for us to contribute – Thanks Ursula.
    It is not something I would have normally thought about in a county such as Fairfield, but certainly a wake up call ..

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