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Leslie Snavely, Chief Sales Officer

Leslie Snavely

“What’s holding you back?”

That’s the question Leslie Snavely loves to ask the people she mentors. While her formal title is chief sales officer, Leslie sees her job in a different light. “I am here on this earth to build things that last and leave a lasting impact on the world.”

If that sounds like a mission statement, you’re right. Leslie calls it her personal purpose statement. “Coaching, mentoring, and lifting women is one of the best ways I can serve,” she says.

Whether it’s working with her family on community projects or serving on the board of the Women’s Leadership Institute, Leslie is determined to make the workplace and the world better. She’s been named CXO of the Year by Utah Business and is a sought after speaker and mentor.

Leslie joined CHG in 2010 as vice president of marketing right after her daughter, Katharine, was born. First time mom. New job. She “gets” all the things many women experience. Leslie says creating flexibility lets you be as effective as you can with the time you have. Her advice: Go slow to go fast.

Actually, that’s the rule she uses to teach her kids mountain biking, but Leslie says it works on the career track as well as the dirt track. “Take a deep breath and slow it down,” she advises.

Leslie says it’s easy to spend all your energy and beat yourself up on the little things that sap your energy and leave you frustrated and far from your goals. A big picture perspective helps you identify the real problem and then work to address that. Sometimes that approach takes a bit longer but it’s much more effective.

Leslie loves to build things. She also loves math. As a teenager, she thought she wanted to be an architect or an engineer. She discovered finance in college and realized strong teams are what she really loves building. Leslie calls it “the multiplier effect.”

“Oftentimes people can do a lot more than they know,” she says. “I want to be known as a multiplier of people’s capabilities.”

She encourages women not to be afraid to pursue their goals. “Women don’t always raise their hand when opportunities are in front of them,” Leslie says. “It’s not about being 100% prepared. It’s about understanding your skill set and making yourself valuable in a way that brings strength to a weak spot.”  

“I am excited to work for a company that makes a difference,” Leslie says. “CHG feels like family. We put our skills together and try and do something good for the company, good for our clients, good for our communities and the physicians we serve. It’s the heart of our culture.”

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