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Kerry Norman, Executive Vice President of Operations, CHG Healthcare

Kerry Norman

“I’m fascinated with how businesses and economies work!”

A graduate of Boston College in economics, Kerry says she always considered herself more of a “spreadsheet person” until an experience early in her career changed her focus. After graduation, Kerry was hired by a national investment firm and selected for its leadership program. She spent a year working on a complex financial project, which she loved, before being transferred to a human resources assignment, which she wasn’t so excited about.

“It was eye opening for me,” she recalls, “because not only did they put me in this people role, but it was a talent acquisition role.”

The more she learned, the more she realized the connection between a company’s success and the opportunities it provided employees to learn and grow.

“I developed a passion around the talent side and the people aspect of a business,” Kerry says.

Kerry joined CHG in 2017. Since then, she’s been actively involved in strategic programs and initiatives company-wide. She’s an advocate, a coach, and a champion of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Kerry went on to lead talent acquisition and development teams for other national companies. Each time, she learned to appreciate the value and importance of what each employee did. Kerry calls it learning to sit in a lot of different chairs.

Growing up in upstate New York, her family moved frequently because of her father’s banking career. She was often the new kid at school. A self-described introvert, Kerry says constantly having to make new friends helped her learn how to navigate new situations.

In her school days, she would look for the quietest person in the class and see if they would be willing to be her friend. She’s adapted this strategy to her leadership style.

“When I’m in a meeting or in any kind of team setting, I always try to be aware of who is the least vocal, who looks like they want to contribute but needs to be called upon,” Kerry says. “I try to find the people who are a little quieter because they often have the most fascinating things to say.”

Kerry says her mantra is old-fashioned but absolutely true: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

“I really do believe, with focus, with tenacity, with resilience, you can get almost anything done that you need to.”

Kerry encourages her team by reminding them, “You got this! I believe you can do it. If you need help from me, let’s go after it!”

Kerry says CHG’s people-centric culture is what drew her to the company. She truly believes, “There’s just so much success out there for each and every one of us.”

Updated Feb. 3, 2023

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