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Joe Seitz makes a difference one drop of blood at a time

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When Joe Seitz, a client representative with CompHealth allied health staffing team, recently organized a blood drive at his office in Grand Rapids, Mich., he wasn’t asking others to do something he doesn’t do himself. “I’ve donated blood 32 times,” Joe explains.

96 lives impacted

Joe started donating blood in high school and has participated in dozens of blood drives. With an O-negative blood type, he is considered a universal donor. “At this last blood drive, I reached the four-gallon milestone,” Joe says. That’s enough to save up to 96 lives!

“There are a lot of people who aren’t healthy enough to donate blood and who need blood donations,” Joe shares. “In Western Michigan alone, the hospitals need around 450 units of blood a day. It doesn’t cost any money to save lives ‚Äî just a little bit of time.”

Getting others involved

When his wife, a recruiter at the local blood bank, asked him to plan a drive at work, Joe jumped at the opportunity. Overall, 12 individuals donated, giving a total of 10 pints of blood.

“Every pint helps up to three people,” Joe explains. “CHG prides itself on making a difference, and this is an easy way to do it. And it’s even easier if it’s convenient ‚Äî like donating while you’re at work.”

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