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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions For Healthcare Providers

Rest assured that our organization has been preparing for disruptive scenarios such as the COVID-19 outbreak. While coronavirus undoubtedly has the potential to impact healthcare facilities and providers around the country, it has no effect on our commitment to you. As a traveler, you are part of the CHG Healthcare family. And we take care of our own. Please know that your health and safety are our top priorities. No matter where your healthcare assignments take you, we’ll have your back the entire time.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we have received.

Q: I have traveled internationally or in high-risk areas in the past 30 days. Can I still work my assignment? 

A: We will review your history, discuss your circumstances with the hiring facility, and provide further guidance. If you visited one of the high-risk locations, you may be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days and if necessary, we will delay your start date.

Q: Should I avoid international travel before my next assignment? 

A: You should avoid high-risk locations. Some healthcare facilities are delaying start dates for any travel outside of the United States or within other high-risk areas within the 30 days prior to a start date. The CDC is currently recommending deferring all cruise ship travel worldwide, especially for those with underlying health issues.

Q: Do I need to get tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) prior to starting my assignment? 

A: No, unless you are showing symptoms or the facility requires testing.

Q: What if I am uncomfortable flying right now? 

A: We understand and will not require you to fly. However, airlines are taking precautions to make it safe (here are the plans in place with DeltaAmerican, and United). If you prefer, we can discuss securing a rental car to get you to your assignment location.

Q: How do I protect myself while on assignment? 

A: Most healthcare facilities have safety protocols that you are encouraged to follow. Please ask for these at the start of your assignment. There are also many resources on the CDC website, including this document about how to protect yourself, and these frequently asked questions.

Q: What if I get to my assignment and am put into quarantine or become infected? Will I get paid and will my accommodations be covered?
A: We will evaluate the risk of this occurring prior to you traveling to your assignment location, as we know being quarantined at home is preferred. If you are quarantined or become infected while on assignment, rest assured that we will take care of you. We will cover your accommodations and incidentals. Depending on the assignment, it may also include compensation during the quarantine/infection period. We will also coordinate with the facility and the local health agency to ensure you get the appropriate medical care.

Q: Who do I call if I have additional questions about my assignment or my travel? 

A: Should you have concerns about your assignment or how the facility is handling coronavirus (COVID-19), please contact your consultant or recruiter. They will be your main contact prior to or during assignments.  

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