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CHG’s Kevin Ricklefs shares workplace culture tips with Take It from the Top

CHG’s senior vice president of talent management, Kevin Ricklefs, was recently featured on Take it from the Top — a HR podcast by the Recruitment Innovation Exchange (also known as RIX). In the podcast, Kevin shares CHG’s unique culture story and gives companies tips on how to create a culture that puts people first.

“When you really think about most industries, it’s a relations business, it’s driven by people, and so the greatest variation you can have in a business result is how well your people are doing,” says Kevin. “Every decision should be driven toward how to improve your people. Our whole business strategy is really creating a culture where people want to stay. It starts with a belief that engaged employees are more productive, they stay longer, they call in sick less. And if you believe all that then everything we should do as an organization should be focused on the people first.”

Head over to Take It from the Top to hear the full podcast.

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