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CHG’s Kevin Ricklefs gives advice for supporting employee mental health on published an article by CHG Healthcare’s chief culture officer Kevin Ricklefs on how leaders can support employee mental health.  

Ricklefs urged awareness and said, “If you’re a leader, the chances are high that at least one of your team members is struggling with mental health concerns right now.” 

He offered five robust tips leaders can reference to help employees through a difficult time.  

“The most important is to stay connected to your people. People crave connection, especially when we are used to working in an office and now find ourselves working solo, remotely,” says Ricklefs. “The time we spend connecting with our teams — whether in person or virtually — pays huge dividends in terms of engagement, effort and job satisfaction. Being connected also helps us more easily spot team members who may be struggling.” 

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Ashley Miller is a senior communications specialist who enjoys building relationships with all of CHG Healthcare’s unique employees. As a former television journalist, storytelling comes naturally to Ashley. She’s always looking for a new way to highlight our people and their contributions to our company, clients, providers, and communities.

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