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CHG Healthcare’s headquarters featured in American Builders Quarterly

Bobby Stevens, director of real estate and project management

Bobby Stevens, director of real estate and project management at CHG Healthcare, shares with American Builders Quarterly how she used our core values for inspiration when designing our new Midvale, Utah, headquarters.

“The anchor of the headquarters goes back to core values — in CHG’s case, five: putting people first, continuous improvement, integrity and ethics, quality and professionalism, and growth,” the article shares. “When designing the workplace, Stevens didn’t just use these words as a guiding light; she physically manifested each one. That is to say, each of the building’s five floors corresponds to a core value and a specific color. The second floor, for instance, the “Continuous Improvement” floor, is paired with the royal color of purple and twinkles with a light installation—its constantly pulsating light reflecting the theme of evolution. The third floor is the “Growth” floor and incorporates various green elements, including a growing plant wall.”

Read the full article on American Builders Quarterly.

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