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CHG executives share stress-relief tips with Managed Healthcare Executive

In the Managed Healthcare Executive article, “Top 12 Ways Health Execs Can Manage Stress,” Leslie Snavely, chief digital officer at CHG Healthcare, and Tyler Black, president of CHG’s Global Medical Staffing division, shares tips with healthcare executives on ways to deal with stress.

“We all experience stress and keeping it bottled up doesn’t help anyone,” Leslie shares. “Find someone you can talk to, whether that’s your leader, a peer, or a counselor. I have a mentor I talk to when I need someone to bounce ideas off of or talk through a problem or stressor. It’s been a lifesaver to have people I can turn to for an outside perspective.”

Tyler adds, “Taking time for yourself is important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so make it a priority to leave work on time, use your vacation time, avoid emailing after work hours, and make time to have some fun at work. Plus, by embracing work/life balance yourself, you’re also showing your team that it’s important they do the same.”

Read the full article here.

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