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Brooke Ziakas: Paying it forward — all the way to Kenya

“Even though we are blessed to live in such an amazing country, we have so many issues right here in our own communities,” says Brooke Ziakas, a quality focus representative for CompHealth locum tenens in Salt Lake City. “I want to do my part to make our world a little bit better.”

Brooke is one of our four Difference Maker winners who will join our CEO Scott Beck on an all-expense-paid trip to Kenya, Africa, for a mix of service projects and vacation adventures. CHG’s Difference Maker program is an annual recognition award that honors employees who are passionately committed to helping others.

Paying it forward

Throughout Brooke’s youth, she dabbled in volunteering by participating in the occasional service project — but she seriously caught the “volunteering bug” approximately 15 years ago. “What sparked it was my feeling of gratitude,” she says, noting that she was in a loving marriage, had a great job and had two beautiful children. “There are so many people who are not as fortunate, so I was compelled to do something to pay it forward.”

Devoting her time and energy to help others

If there’s an organization that needs help, chances are that Brooke is somehow involved with it.

At CHG, she created CompHelpers Employee Network Group with the goal to organize and participate in volunteer activities. Since its inception in October 2014, the group has participated in several community activities at Utah Food Bank, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and Meals on Wheels, just to name a few. Brooke is also a member and participates in the Animal Advocates and Conquering Cancer ENGs.

Living by example

Last year, her team decided to purchase gifts for local students, whose parents were going through difficult times. Brooke took it one step further. “Grateful for the holiday gift card I received from CompHealth but not really needing it, I decided to donate it to our project so that we could purchase additional items.”

Outside of work, Brooke and her family are involved in countless service projects. “I wanted to teach my children compassion and service, not by talking about it or by writing a check, but by example,” Brooke says. Last year, her family purchased several coats for kids at an elementary school in an underprivileged area. They also participate in a number of sporting activities that benefit various causes, as well as donate time and money to local nonprofits.

“It’s incredible to know that you have the ability to help someone — that you can play a part in enabling the person to move forward and have greater quality of life,” Brooke says. “I believe that everyone can make a difference!”

See Brooke’s reaction to being named a Difference Maker and hear who she plans to take on the trip:

Brooke is one of our many team members who make a difference in our world. CHG encourages our employees to give back to our communities through paid Volunteer Time Off. Helping each other is at the heart of CHG — through PTO gifting, donations to our Employee Compassion Fund, and other programs. See our other benefits and consider joining our CHG family! Check out these career opportunities.

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